Anno 1800 Complete Edition Pc Game Free Download Torrent

Anno 1800 Complete Edition Pc Game Free Download Torrent

What is the best current CPU to use for the best performance when playing Anno 1800?

I know 1800 game first of all we will start with the graphic parameter in the game after that I will show you where is the config file and at the end I will show you a new program and I'm using that will fix a lot of stuttering issue that a lot of people have right now it's because of some kind of bug with Windows 10 with all those last update so I will show you how it works it's the guy who create DD you who did that so I will give you also the link in the description so let's start with the game first of all direct X you should definitely test it but for me I'm losing 15 FPS when I'm playing DirectX 12 with my are TX 2070 so I am playing DirectX 11 in this game so tested it because sometimes I know AMD card sometimes they're getting more FPS and diak direct x12 so just do your testing on your side enable vsync I'm playing at on honestly you don't care it's like if you want to sync with your monitor but you will not see input lag in this game window mode really important I'm playing fullscreen I did a test with window and window full screen I'm losing two percent here of fps and here I'm losing tree so really important to play at full screen texture quality depending on your view Ram if you have 4 gig and more go at i3 gig or even to get you can play at medium and if you have less than 2 gig of beer Ram put it at low lighting quote quality sorry you will again 2 percent for each bracket so I'm playing at medium water quality is kind of important in this game honestly if you have like a laptop integrate video card and stuff like that go with low you will gain treat percent for each bracket but I on my I did a test on a laptop and honestly when you go with your water at low the game was was a lot smoother object quality and putting this one at I you will gain 2 percent for each bracket but yeah when you put this from that minimal or low I feel that I'm losing too much graphic quality so that's why I'm playing at high there in quality mininum also it's a 2% increase for each bracket so again depending what is your goal if you want 60 FPS or 144 FPS you will change depending what you need after that and see all easing I'm playing at 4x it's almost three percent honesty for each bracket so if you completely remove it you can gain a nice seven percent total boost on your FPS so that's pretty huge share equality I didn't see a big difference between medium and low so play at medium but I to medium I saw like an increase of 2% so medium is a good one to four actually wealthy shadow quality this one is really important it's like almost four percent for each bracket so when I when I was using ultra and I compared with low I got like 25 25 FPS increase when I put this one at low so really important play at low post-processing not a huge difference between I and load it's a bit weird normally in games I can gain like a nice chunk of FPS with post-processing in this game I saw like 2 FPS difference max so again depending on your goal you can change it if you change everything else but it's not a big factor due distance this one is really important it's the view distance that you see in front of you so how much you will render for sure again if you have like a laptop integrate video card and stuff like that go at low V I'm playing at medium because it doesn't impact too much my my gameplay so yeah that's about it for the graphic parameter so now I will show you what you can do with the config file so to see the config file to go to documents I know open beta config open the engine so this is all the stuff that you can change so first of all everything that we just change is in custom so all the parameters are there the cool thing in this file you can change the preset if you want so if you want to plat very high but you don't want shadow at very eye you put 0 here you save and now when you will put very eye everything will be at very eye except shadow so that's a cool kind of like feature but yeah you a couple of stuff that you can change that are not in the game but I don't have like a magic trick here it's not like you can completely remove shadow or stuff like that so that's about it so now let's talk about the software that I'm using that was telling you about so intelligent standby list cleaner this is the guy who create ddu so a lot of people know ddu I will show you the link where to download it add this issue on my computer so the problem is when those take a standby list and it doesn't purge the standby list so I was losing all my memory in my computer so when I was playing again like division 2 even battlefield 5 I had like a lot of stuttering and I didn't know why I was like maybe it's my overclocking and stuff like that I did a lot of different tests and after that I read a lot about it and a lot of people at this issue and it's because of the latest updates from Microsoft so definitely use this you can also put a timer if you want but honestly this is the perfect setting just click on Start minimize the list size at least one gig memory is lower than one gig purged the list so it will do automatically and you can also do it manually if you want by pressing here so that's about it guys if you have a question about the software

Anno 1800 Complete Edition Pc Game Free Download Torrent 


Anno 1800 Complete Edition Pc Game Free Download Torrent Repack™
lead the industrial revolution!
You will find yourself at the dawn of the industrial age. The path you choose will determine the shape of the whole world. Will you become an inventor or an exploiter? Conqueror or liberator? It depends only on you what kind of mark you will leave in history.
Anno 1800 Complete Edition Pc Game Free Download Torrent 
Repack will take players to the XIX century, 
in a world of intricate political intrigues and developing technologies. 
You will have to make every effort to hone your management skills and cope with the main task - to build your own empire, 
the influence of which will spread from the foggy cities of Europe to the jungles of South America.
The updated gameplay is interwoven with all your favorite features. Anno 1800 Complete Edition Pc Game Free Download Torrent Repack opens a new stage
in the development of the series. Players will be able to influence the course of history in one of the fateful periods.

Repack Features:-

- Based on Uplay-Rip
- Nothing is cut out/ Nothing is recoded
- Game archives are not opened
- Version 9.2.972600
- Activated the DLC
Amusements Pack
Holiday Pack
City Lights Pack
Sunken Treasures
The Passage
Seat of Power
Bright Harvest
Land of Lions
- Installation time from 15 minutes (depends on the computer)


OS: Win7, 8.1, or 10 (64-Bit versions)
Processor: Intel Core i5-3570 or AMD Ryzen 3 1300X
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: Nvidia GTX 780 3GB or AMD R9 280 3GB
Storage: 50 GB available space

OS: Win7, 8.1, or 10 (64-Bit versions)
Processor: Intel Core i7-4770 or AMD Ryzen 5 1600X
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: Nvidia GTX 1070 8GB or AMD Vega 56 8GB
Storage: 50 GB available space

Anno 1800 Complete Edition Pc Game Free Download Torrent

Anno 1800 Complete Edition Pc Game Free Download Torrent

Repack Size : 30GB
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